Sun 4/14

Tinctures & Topicals

Buy a 15ml Care By Design tincture of any ratio and get a 10ct gel cap for excise tax

Buy 1 Humbolt Apothecary tincture, get 1 Humboldt Apothecary Botanical tincture for 50% off

Buy any Mary’s Med product, receive a Mary’s Medicinal Patch for 1¢

Mon 4/15


Buy 1 get 1 for 99.5% off on all CannA hemp products

Buy 1 Select CBD disposable, get 1 for $4.20

Buy 1 get 1 for 1¢ on select MediPrana products

Tue 4/16


Buy 1 Care By Design Ratio Vape, Get a 10pk Gel Cap for Excise Tax

Buy 1 Loud & Clear cartridge, get a second for excise tax

Buy 2 Canndescent vape cartridges, get a battery for 1¢

Buy 2 Select Harvest Exclusive Cartridges, get 1 for 1¢

Wed 4/17


Buy 1 bottle Lagunitas THC Hi-Fi Hops get 1 bottle CBD Hi-fi Hops for excise tax

Buy 2 Kanha gummies, get 1 for excise tax

Buy 1 Terra Bite, get 1 for 50% Off

Thu 4/18


Buy 2 get 1 for $1 on Alien Labs/Connected Concentrate Colab

20% off all Moxie concentrates

Fri 4/19


Buy 4.5 grams of Connected or Alien Labs flower for the price of 3.5g

Get 1g of any Canndescent flower for $4.20

Buy 2 Autumn Brands 1/8, get 7-pack pre-rolls for $2

Cannabis Day

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